How To Successfully Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is one of the most powerful yet overlooked ways to drive traffic to one’s site. Most people think that simply posting a video boasting their product will suffice. In most cases though, there needs to be a lot of preparation done in order for it to be successful. Here are some tips that could help those who are planning on utilizing video marketing in the near future.

  • Prepare your social media profile
    Whether you are going to be publishing on Facebook, Youtube, MySpace or any other social network, be sure you populate the profile fields correctly. Make sure you provide complete details so that people know what they are going to see when they check your profile. For Facebook, this would be your About section while on Youtube, it’s the About tab on your channel. Additionally, be sure to use a relevant and catchy image as your logo or avatar. That helps attract a wider audience.
  • Properly caption your videos
    In the world wide web, deceiving your audience is a big no-no. That’s why your video description or caption should exactly match the video content. Not only will incorrect labeling get your account into trouble, it could very well destroy your brand image. Aside from its positive and negative effects on your human audience, captions are also just as useful for search engines and the social media site itself. With a decent caption, you’ll be appearing on various search engine result pages as well as the site’s search feature.
  • Be wary of copyrighted images and audio
    Sites like Youtube are pretty strict when it comes to copyright issues. Be sure that you use copyright free images and music when you create your video. Otherwise, it could end in one of two ways. First, the video could be retained but the music will be taken out giving your audience a poor experience. Second, the video could be taken down altogether. You should try to avoid either of these scenarios from happening to ensure a successful marketing campaign.
  • Respond to your video’s comments
    Unless you’ve closed the comments on the video, which is not doable on Facebook, you’ve got to be very responsive to any comments posted on the video. This is important because there may be inquiries by prospective customers posted there. Likewise, someone might also troll your video and try to put in false and negative feedback. Deleting it as soon as possible could help protect your image before potential customers come across it.