twitterWhile many of you understand how to promote your business on LinkedIn, with Twitter things look different. For many people Twitter remains a place where tweets do not get many impressions. 

Is it about Twitter or is it about you? Let’s figure out where the problem lies.

I hope the following Twitter tricks will let you instantly get the word out about your product, service and project on the giant social media network.

  • Pay attention to your Twitter profile: Everything starts with the photo, bio and how well your profile is organized. You can mark the most important words in your bio with #, to make sure you can be reached for these keywords. There’s no magic number of using hashtags, however they should not be overused. Include, who you are and what you do but do not sell. Use your identity for attracting a brand.

  • Follow the right people and get followers: Let’s say you are in social media industry, how to find people with the same interests? Twitter sends suggestions of the people you can follow via email, saying, “You might also be interested in these accounts”, take your time and explore.

  • Share professional stuff, tips, tricks: Attract the targeted people by tweeting interesting posts that may sound valuable to your potential audience. Content that makes value will always stand out. For instance, you can tweet about “How Social Media Can Help Startups” #socialmedia, or “5 Communication Mistakes in #SociaMedia you Must Avoid” and more. Start by providing the resourceful information they’re looking for through your Twitter account.

“Be relevant by doing interesting things that people want to share, like, and comment on.” Jeffrey Rohrs

The below is one of SearchEngineLand’s post I shared last week.


  • Get more people on board: Discover about the topic that interests you on Twitter Search. See what people tweet about it. Do they get favorites, retweets? Twitter search may help you find and follow people that have similar interests.

  • Use images in your Tweets: Tweets with images perform better as image gives an idea of what your tweet is about. It’s not necessary to include a nice image for every tweet you’re going to post. It will be overwhelming, however make sure the Tweets of high importance are tweeted with images. Let’s say you post about statistics, it would be nicer if you provide an image to reach people. When tweeting keep your followers interests in mind, make sure you meet them. How do you know what your followers want to see? Check out their profiles, pay attention to what they tweet and provide a sort of information that would be of value. I shared the below Tweet with an image. 


  • Cross-promote: Let people on Facebook have your Twitter handle, and people on Twitter find your Facebook page. Do the same on LinkedIn and other social media sites, make your Twitter account visible everywhere you are.

  • Share experience about book: There’s no too much information if it is relevant. People would always love to hear about new books that share more insights of the sphere they dedicate themselves to. Don’t be afraid to share experience about the book you read and found valuable.

  • People love expressions by industry influencers/authorities: Thought leaders sometimes share their experience or the tips people need to follow via expressions. This is how one of my Tweet of Matt Cutts performed last week.


  • Do not tweet the same thing in the same way: Sometimes you may see one and the same Tweet shared multiple times in a few seconds. If you want your audience to hear about it and not to think of you as a spammer, use the image, change image, change a part of the text.

  • Be active: Share your thoughts with the people of the same industry, check out their tweets, reply, retweet, favorite. Twitter is for active people.

  • Promoted TweetsIf you do not get enough impressions and engagements, you can try Twitter ads, where you can target what kind of audience you want to reach.

  • Analyze how you perform on Twitter: Followerwonk is one of the tools that helps you sort all of your Twitter follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count, and more.

Remember it’s not about the quantity but the quality. It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about how many of them are interested in what you talk.

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Keep tweeting! 😉

Article source: How To Make Twitter Work for You by Diana Davoyan