Do You Really Need SEO

Do you need SEO? At some point in your business’ life, you may have thought about this. While there are a relatively small percentage of businesses where the answer can be a firm no, it is actually yes for more than 95% of businesses. Why?

  • You are tapping into an overflowing market
The internet is home to billions of people all over the world browsing at any point in time. No other media outlet can beat that. Billboards? You’re lucky if all drivers and pedestrians take a glance at it. Television? Majority of people ignore commercials or just go on their phones while waiting for their show to return. Newspapers? These are definitely effective but can’t reach the audience the internet can. After all, each city has tons of newspapers and there isn’t a single one that publishes worldwide. If you wanted to reach a wider audience, you’d need to advertise on every single newspaper in the country.

  • You get the audience you want
In the event that you already have a presence on the web but haven’t employed SEO, you might find that you aren’t getting many visitors or you are just getting random visitors here and there. This increase in your bounce rate can be rectified by SEO. Since search engines will know what keywords your site focuses in, the people who query those keywords are the ones sent to your site.

  • Increased sales
In the long run, as a result of getting targeted traffic, you get a higher conversion rate. This increase in sales is ultimately the goal of your web presence after all.

  • Positive Image
End users think favorably of sites that land on the top results for their queries. They may not know what made you earn that ranking but all they know is that you worked hard for it and deserve that place. This positive outlook from customers can then benefit you in the form of word-of-mouth referrals or mentions in forums and blogs.

In summary, SEO can have a huge positive impact on your online presence. Be sure you check your rankings regularly though. Your competition is surely employing similar tactics as you. In the end, the rankings will boil down to who has spent more time and effort on the endeavor and who has given up. Remember, SEO isn’t simply a one-time thing. It’s to be maintained as the months go by.