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Why Responsive Web Design

The advent of smartphone technology initially troubled most web designers. In the old days, you only needed to worry about browser compatibility. These days, you now need to factor in screen resolutions as mobile phones all have different ones. Likewise, there are tablets and even phablets joining in. Moving forward, we are also going to expect more and more variations to come. With all these possibilities, what’s a web designer to do?

The answer is Responsive Design. This refers to a web design approach which hints that development and design should respond to the user’s environment. Jeffrey Veen, one of the leading experts on web design, has been quoted as saying, “Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how […]

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What Qualities Your Web Designer Should Have

As an employer, we always want everything to work out with our employees. However, it is inevitable for some scuffles to arise especially if expectations or deadlines aren’t met. Web design, in particular, is a pretty important job in any industry. Having good corporate logos and images are crucial because this is what is visible to the public. That’s why it is important to have a healthy relationship with your web designer.

It isn’t easy to deal with employees though especially since attitude is something that one can’t train overnight.  If you are part of a company’s talent acquisition team, you’d agree that it would be best to get the best candidates right away rather than train passable candidates. As such, […]

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5 Great Design Tricks for Your Website

In the old days, it was relatively easy to gain an advantage over the competition. Websites used to be costly which meant that if you had one, your business was doing well or was financially stable. These days, however, hosting and domain names are extremely cheap. With companies being leveled on the web presence field, how else can your company stand out?

The answer is website design. Coupled with robust functionality and a user-friendly interface, your website is sure to beat the competition. For those who are looking to add an even bigger edge, find out how by using these 5 website design tricks.

Follow the basic and important tricks to get your website attractive and make sure you’re not loosing […]

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