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Is Your Small Business Using These Marketing Practices?

No matter what size business you have, marketing can be a rough and bumpy road to traverse. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Marketing? I can’t afford a marketing team!’. Then again, maybe you have one already, but they’re struggling to get your message out and reach new customers.

Even if you don’t have a large marketing budget or team, there are still several steps you can take to make sure you are reaching as many customers as you can with your company’s message.
1. Social Media
Social media is a fantastic tool for getting your business out there where customers can learn more about you. It’s easy to keep people up-to-date and educated about what you have going on and what […]

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Super Bowl Commercials – The History & Most Successful Ones

Research has shown that actual play in a football game is only 11 minutes! However, rarely does a game last less than 60 minutes. More than 100 ads feature in a single game. This is according to a research that the Wall Street Journal did recently.
How this culture has changed?
The first Super Bowl took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1967. At that time, the Super Bowl was referred to as the First AFL-NFL World Championship Game, and it brought together 56 million viewers.

Nielsen indicates that since 1967, viewership has grown tremendously, especially within the last 20 years. Even after 2009 when viewership surpassed the 100 million mark, there has been no sign of reduction of these […]

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Take Charge Of Your Finances: Implement A Budget.

You can watch the prices on many products increase as each day passes. This should be enough to convince any consumer that a strategic plan is necessary to keep expenses under control. The time is right to put a budget together that helps to track your income, expenses and savings.
Positive Income
Income is money that you receive from any legal source to sustain your lifestyle. Earning it from a 9-5 job is the common source of funding for the life you lead. There are alternate ways of obtaining the cash you need for daily living.

Investments often deliver monthly dividends to the owner of these accounts. Managing these investments can lead to wonderful retirement years that you can truly enjoy. Therefore, […]

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Sports Clubs Revenue Sources – A Short Guide

The basic goal of every sport club is to achieve success on the pitch. When we are talking about professional sports clubs, we should point out that this success is closely related to the revenues that each club has. After all, the owners of these clubs are looking for profit too. On the other hand, good revenues allow them to buy new players and improve the overall conditions in the club. The fact is that the most successful clubs have numerous revenue sources and in this article we will highlight some of the most common ones.

First of all, sports clubs rely on commercial activities. These revenues come from the sale of different types of merchandise like kits, t-shirts, memorabilia, […]

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The Most Trading Currencies – Infographic

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Trading Books & Tutorials

One of the reasons traders face losses in online trading is because they don’t have the right education or understanding of it. We all know that online trading is considered to be one of the most risky businesses in the world, that’s why it’s very important to have some knowledge on the market. Knowledge is your key for getting started with online trading.

Nowadays many sources of knowledge on online trading are present, and you are free to make your decision which one to choose from various suggestions, like different online trading tutorials, articles, and training videos.

Remember knowledge is your power. Make sure you have enough of it.

Below you can find several books to consider for your further reading:
1. Forex […]

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Is It Possible To Trade Without Knowledge

It goes without saying that, today, Foreign Exchange is one of the most popular and the fastest growing financial markets in the world. Each day more and more people make up their minds to enter this boundless world of finance and take up trading. But it is not a secret that being that much attractive, Foreign Exchange Market is also very unpredictable and risky. So, it is quite essential for each investor and trader to make sure that s/he has enough knowledge on the market.
Today, when entering different financial forums, one will come across one of the most frequently asked questions:

is it possible to trade without knowledge?

The answer is very simple – NO!.
Knowledge is the key component of profitable […]

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Budgeting for a Brighter Future

Budgeting is one of the realizations of the concept of delayed gratification. It is such a good practice that even people who don’t need to do so still practice it. This is because they want to have a brighter future for themselves, their offspring or people who are dependent on them.

Your Primary Objective Should be to Keep on Living

Most people budget their funds because they have lots of responsibilities and limited income. If you aren’t limited by this constraint, you might think that you can just continue living a lavish lifestyle. Guilty? Well, you better think twice. This is exactly the mindset that brings people down. People like MC Hammer, Lindsay Lohan, Toni Braxton and numerous others have all […]

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Business Management Risks

People these days turn to business when they want to earn. This has been pretty much influenced by social media articles that advocate that there is no need for a degree to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. While that is certainly true, light also needs to be shed on the amount of risk these people took to turn their idea into reality. After all, if there were no risks, everyone will probably go into business.

Risk can be defined as the probability of a negative outcome occurring which outweighs the benefits if not preempted. That’s why it would bode well for any business to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. There are several kinds of risk and if you’re […]

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Stocks: Distinguishing Facts from Myths

While a lot of negative things are being said about stocks, investing is still a pretty lucrative endeavor. People who invest their time, effort and resources are sure to benefit greatly from it. However, your effort would all go to waste if you do not have a clear understanding of stocks and their basics. Likewise, it would even be much more difficult if your judgment is clouded by myths surrounding the stock market.

That’s why it pays to be educated on stock market myths and facts.
Myth: Decreasing stock will stop soon
Fact: While most stocks do seem to recover, it doesn’t necessarily follow that all of them will. That’s why you shouldn’t assume that stocks on a downward trend will soon pick up. […]

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