The basic goal of every sport club is to achieve success on the pitch. When we are talking about professional sports clubs, we should point out that this success is closely related to the revenues that each club has. After all, the owners of these clubs are looking for profit too. On the other hand, good revenues allow them to buy new players and improve the overall conditions in the club. The fact is that the most successful clubs have numerous revenue sources and in this article we will highlight some of the most common ones.

First of all, sports clubs rely on commercial activities. These revenues come from the sale of different types of merchandise like kits, t-shirts, memorabilia, stickers and many other things. In addition, most professional sports clubs sell sponsorship rights to large corporations that act as sponsors. Sponsorship is getting more and more important for the revenues of sports clubs and some clubs have first tier and second tier sponsorships too.

Transfers are another reliable and important revenue source. The profit from player transfers from one club to another can increase income too. There are many sports clubs that serve as organizations where talented young players are developed into serious players and later bought by bigger clubs. This is an excellent business model for the talents, their current clubs and their future clubs.

We should not forget that sports clubs without audience can’t expect stellar success. This is where the third revenue source comes into play. Obviously, we are talking about ticket sales. Tickets provide a significant source of revenue for some clubs especially for those who have large venue. There are some sports clubs that have their own venues with capacity of tens of thousands of spectators. They are always trying to attract new spectators by offering special deals for season tickets.


In the recent period, many International and national sports federations have allowed clubs to be sponsored by betting companies. These companies can advertise their website and physical stores on the venues and even on the sports kits that the players are wearing. The presence of gambling ads isespecially noticeable in football.

Another income source for sports clubs is broadcasting. TV has become very important when it comes to business in sports. TV networks know that sports can bring them more views and better rating and that they can use these broadcasts to share commercial ads, messages and more. When it comes to the sports clubs, they have nothing to invest and many things to gain when they sell the broadcasting rights. In addition, in the recent period the Internet is getting involved in these activities too by offering Per Pay View packages and other deals to Internet users.

Finally, we should mention the match day revenues which usually involve match day tours, catering, gate receipts, special fan membership programs that allow discounts and much more.

It is worth mentioning that there are few other revenue sources used by modern sports clubs, but they represent only a small percentage of their overall income.